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    Comfort bracelets

    ״זוֹ בָּזוֹ נַבִּיט וְנִתְמַהּ שֵׁנִית
    אִם רָאִינוּ נְכוֹנָה.
    לִפְעָמִים אֲנִי לִפְעָמִים אַת
    כֹּה זְקוּקוֹת לְנֶחָמָה.״

    In such painful and sad days, that we prayed would never come again and we hoped our children would only learn about such tragedies from history class, all of us - mothers, daughters, grandmothers, sisters and friends need comfort.
    My studio's popular friendship bracelets have been transformed into comfort bracelets. Each one is made with a handmade glass bead in bright and gentle colors with a touch of gold leaf. These bracelets are meant to provide a feeling of unity, healing and support for our loved ones or ourselves.

    To expand the circle of comfort, for every two bracelets you buy, I will personally donate a bracelet to a woman who was evacuated from her home, who lost a loved one, or was harmed in any other way in this terrible tragedy.

    The price of each bracelet is $32, (self pickup in Jaffa or Ramat-Gan). Please add an additional $23 delivery anywhere outside of Israel.