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    Recently, I repeatedly hear the word "artist" referred to me. I never felt like I was an ‘artist’ and never wanted to be described as one. Instead, I considered myself a designer. I was always into design, and it played a significant role through different periods in my life. Today I design glass beads and make them into jewelry.

    I wonder what it is that I find almost deceitful about being referred to as an “artist”. Perhaps I associate it with not having both feet firmly on the ground, or feel it pertains to something which is both heavenly and bohemian, which is far from who I am. Maybe it’s because “art” is a means of self-expression, whereas design is measured by practicality. And maybe because, throughout my career, I always had the customer before my eyes.
    It’s with this project, that for the first time, my work crosses over from design to art.


    Yaara Klein-Yemin