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    Under Your Wing

    A Tribute to Foster Mothers / Yaara Klein-Yemin

    Curator: Oshri Cohen-Neder


    Hachnisini (Under Your Wing) is a unique project that pays tribute to foster mothers.

    Designer Yaara Klein-Yemin conceived and created this project that culminates in an exhibition combining different mediums into a visual tribute to foster mothers. 

    Yaara transcends the boundaries of her studio and of practical designs and - for the first time - collaborates with other artists to create an exceptional project, integrating content, design, and art. 

    Four years in the making, the project started when Yaara and her family were introduced to the world of at-risk children and youth. They “adopted” a family group home for boys and learned about the Orr Shalom Organization and foster mothers. The special bond she felt sparked a desire to do something for the women who chose this unusual way of life. She embarked on a journey in which she met eight foster mothers and wrote their stories. It is these personal interviews, stories, and relationships that inspire Yaara’s art - concept jewelry created in her private studio. 

    Each woman, story, and jewelry are paired with a female photographer who brings her visual interpretation to this creative fusion. 

    The exhibition presents eight stories, eight pieces of jewelry, and eight images in three different mediums: text, design, and photography. Together, they reflect the unusual choice to become a foster mother. With this exhibition, Yaara wishes to express her deep appreciation and bring about recognition.